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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

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by Anna and John Chitty
This is a one-page instruction summary for the sympathetic nervous system first aid method used in our programs. It is derived from the work of Peter Levine, attempting to simplify the trauma-recovery model into as few steps as possible.  Note: You may also tune in to the audio podcast of the Body Low Slow Loop for a guided verbal practice facilitated by John Chitty.
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The Triune Autonomic Nervous System

by John Chitty
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The Craniosacral Podcast

by Ryan Hallford
Upcoming Podcast featuring Nina Davis BCST

Birth and Babies

Ray Castellino

Birth Processing

Carrie Contey

Prenatal and Family Wellness


ponheary ly foundation

The Ponheary Ly Foundation

The Ponheary Ly Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the USA. Their goal is to locate and serve the many children in Cambodia who live in the poorest rural villages and do not have access to equitable educational opportunities.


New Enchantment

New Enchantment is a U.S. nonprofit environmental organization working in partnership with its sister organization in Brazil, Novo Encanto, to promote environmental awareness, provide hands-on conservation, and help people reconnect to the Enchantments of Nature.